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School Visits

We offer many tailored school trips which cover the topics and key stages that are relevant to you. Guided tours and talks, use of our school room, and ‘timed event participation’ are all available options. We also offer the farm as a hub for you to run your own lesson or tour if preferred.

Please call us on 01323 811411 or email info@middlefarm.com to request a schools’ pack or more information on our school trips

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Middle Farm | Open Farm

Class room incubation packages

Hatching chicks are an excellent way to teach children about the life cycle of the chicken, how embryos develop and where our food comes from. It is also simple, fun and exciting!

What we offer:

  • Delivery, set-up, collection and support during hire
  • 7 pre-incubated eggs
  • All the equipment needed
  • A short talk from one of our experienced staff members
  • Worksheets to complete in the class room

The hire period is for 17 days.

The eggs will hatch just 7 days after delivery so the waiting time for the children is minimal. The eggs will also be 100% fertile, so a high percentage hatch rate is guaranteed. The chicks will stay with you for another 10 days so you can watch them grow. 

We will provide everything you need to hatch and care for your chicks for just £200.

We have set hire dates running from March to June, to coincide with school term times.

For more information on our incubation packages, please call us on 01323 811411 or email openfarm@middlefarm.com

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