Start your Christmas the Middle Farm way…

Kick start your Christmas spirit with Middle Farm. Leave behind the grey, cramped hustle and bustle of shopping malls and embrace the welcoming, family friendly and sparkling atmosphere of a winter country Christmas.

This year promises to be a joyous occasion for children and a refreshing breather for adults. We’re stocked with hand-selected gifts for loved ones and a bountiful selection of curated fresh local foods and small-batch alcoholic and soft drinks. There are create-your-own-hampers, pre-orders for Christmas meats and plenty more to look forward to.

So, let’s see what’s on offer…

Real Christmas trees now on sale

Our freshly cut Nordmann Fir Christmas trees have arrived. Each one ready to be beautifully decorated and displayed handsomely in a warm home for Christmas.

You’ll also find exquisitely hand-crafted Christmas wreaths for sale, made by local artisans.

Farmer Christmas experience on The Open Farm

We’re excited to announce our festive event from 16th–19th December – we call it ‘Farmer Christmas’.

You may not have heard of Farmer Christmas. Unlike Father Christmas, who flies a sleigh pulled by reindeer, Farmer Christmas flies on a magic tractor instead. And instead of delivering presents to all the (well behaved) children, they deliver extra special treats to all the (well behaved) animals around the world.

Now this year, Farmer Christmas is much busier than usual preparing all the animal treat parcels (something about worker and supply shortages), so has asked if Middle Farm would kindly look after the magical flying tractor until the week before Christmas.

Farmer Christmas also asked for two small favours:

  1. That we invite all the children to come and sit on the magic tractor and see how it works (it’ll be stationary – it can’t move without Farmer Christmas onboard!), and;
  2. That all the children are given pots of food treats for the animals around our farm so they can get to the other animals around the world a little quicker.

It will be a fun four days out in the fresh country air, with plenty of photo opportunities and fun memories to be made!

Help us make the animals feel even more special this Christmas, online tickets are available now under ‘Open Farm Visits’.

Something for the adults at The Cider Barn

Now we all know that Christmas and a (responsible) tipple go hand-in-hand. This year we’ve gathered a collection of enticingly spicy, warming and full-bodied festive liquid treats; ideal to give as a thoughtful gift… and even better when kept for yourself!

Lest we forget, how could non-drivers pass up a mug of hot mulled cider or the chance to sample our range of over 100 craft ciders and meads. And for designated drivers, before you arrive safely home to enjoy an anticipated drink for yourself, you can enjoy a glass of fresh-off-the-press apple juice made from Sussex-grown apples (among many other soft drinks).

Step into our Barn and see what festive delights the Barn Elves have been busily curating for the last month:

Get into the Christmas spirit with…

  • Christmas pudding vodka
  • Christmas pudding spiced rum
  • Christmas gin and warming winter spiced sloe gin
  • Hedgerow liqueur
  • Christmas pudding wine
  • Christmas meads (see our mid-winter mead suffused with frankincense)
  • Christmas beers (see our Harveys Christmas tipple, a 7.5% strong notoriously delicious ale, available in both the bottle and on draught).

Can’t decide? Then we’ve made life easier for you…

The Christmas Spirit Hamper

Just tell us your favourite tipples and your budget and, for a small charge, our Barn Elves will create you a specially wrapped and beribboned hamper for you to take home*.

Request your Christmas Spirit Hamper with one of our team in the Cider Barn or simply call us on 01323 811 411.

*You can either take the hamper away with you that day or, depending on how busy we are, you can collect the next day, or later in the month if you’d like us to store it for you.

Something for everyone at The Farm Shop & Gift Shop

We’ve been toiling away over recent months to source the finest collection of local foods from around Sussex. You’ll find a diverse variety inside our Sunday Times Recommended Farm Shop, catering to most dietary requirements. If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, ask the magic words and we’ll find it for you.

Don’t forget to sample our farm-made baked treats, including hand-iced Christmas cakes, Christmas puddings and Whisky cakes. We’ve also whipped up batches of delicious mincemeat, ready for baking into homemade mince pies.

Discover our newly acquired festive decorations, Christmas ornaments and traditional children’s gifts. Our shelves are lined with the best in enamelware, candles, cards and gift wrap, including St. Eval Candles, Sophie Allport and Gisela Graham products. Plus, we have a huge range of stocking fillers for your little ones should Santa need some support!

Create Your Own Christmas Hamper

Food hampers. Drink hampers. Gift hampers. Garden hampers. Or any combination…

That’s right. You browse the shops, choose what goes into the hamper and our Farm Elves will build it, and beautifully wrap it for you. It’s the ultimate Christmas gift; we can include anything from the Farm Shop, Gift Shop, Cider Barn… even from our gardening selection, like a selection of bulbs. An entirely bespoke service.

We do this while you wait, or on very busy days, we’ll ask you to come back and collect it when it is ready.

Not sure what you want?
Tell us your budget, any dietary requirements, and the kinds of products you like, and our expert team will curate a wonderful selection for you.

Have a theme in mind?
Give us a theme and we’ll do our best to build you a hamper to match. Naturally, a Christmas ‘theme’ may be a given, though you may want a ‘Chilli-lover’s hamper’, a ‘Sloe Gin Hamper’, a ‘Salted Caramel-lover’s Hamper’, a ‘Local and Delicious Hamper’ – or any combination.

You can also order as many hampers as you need; just tell us how many you’d like made up, the theme for each one, and we’ll get to work.

Ordering your Hamper
Visit us in person (it’s free!), send us a message or give us a call on 01323 811 411.

Pre-order your Christmas meats at The Butcher’s Shop

We’re now taking orders for Christmas meats!

For just a £20 deposit you can pre-order from our wide range of succulent and locally reared, free-range meats.

You’ll find Kelly Bronze Turkeys available in a variety of sizes, Free Range Goose, Chicken and high welfare Duck, plus Rib of Beef, smoked bacon and chipolatas, gammon joints, pigs in blankets and more.

We will do everything in our power to fulfil your requirements, but please note that we cannot guarantee orders placed after Sunday 5 December 2021. This year is particularly tricky considering supply issues, so we encourage you to place your order as early as you can.

Head over to our ordering page to guarantee your order of local high-quality meat.
Let’s make this Christmas really count and savour every precious moment of indulgence, joy and goodwill… the Middle Farm way.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Middle Farm.

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