Christmas Trees are here at Middle Farm

Real Christmas Trees 

Come and see our beautiful Nordmann Christmas Trees, available from the 27th November 2020.

Each freshly cut Fir tree has been specially cared for and is even given its own name!

Prices start from £33, join us to hand pick your perfect tree.

Christmas Tree Prices 2020

Cut Trees

Nordmann                                      (British Grown)

(non-needle-drop firs)

150cm to 175cm                      £38.00

175cm to 200cm                      £48.00

200cm to 225cm                      £60.00

225cm to 250cm                      £70.00


Pot Grown



(non-needle-drop firs)

All prices include VAT


Care of your tree

  • Cut 5cm (2in) off the bottom of your tree and place into water to allow the tree to absorb it.
  • Top up water levels daily.
  • Do not put your tree by a radiator or open fire.
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